2020 Weekly Market Offering

We will be posting our weekly market offering on this page at the beginning of each week. These will be the items we plan to have available at the North Mountain Market on Saturday.

Saturday, August 8th

We’ll be at this week’s market with a selection of seasonal cut flowers, fresh dill, garden plants, and our lineup of natural dyes. Each week, we will be featuring a seasonal natural dye plant and showcasing the vibrant colours it makes. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Make your own flower bouquet – small $7, large $10
Edible flower bouquet, $5
Potted rudbeckia, foxglove, or geranium, $4
Fresh dill or dill flowers, $2
Natural dyes for fibre and craft (prices vary)

Edible flower bouquet. Looks good on your table – and you can decorate your salads or desserts with the flowers!

A few past bouquets…