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We have a selection of packaged dried natural dyes available, including: marigold, coreopsis, weld, dyer’s chamomile, orange cosmos, rudbeckia, sumac leaves, and dried indigo leaves. We also have alum (potassium aluminum sulphate and aluminum acetate) and iron mordants as well as vials of PH strips. We are working to produce high quality indigo powder and are experimenting with a number of other dyes.

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For up-to-date info on which natural dyes are currently in stock and which are happily growing out in the field, or for a complete price list, for wholesale, or for bulk buying details, email us at vibrantacres@gmail.com.

If you’re searching for a specific dye or colour, we’d love to know!

Vibrant Acres Colour Farm
5211 Brooklyn Street
Grafton, Nova Scotia  B0P 1E0

Early morning light as fall arrives on the farm.