Where To Find Us

We are hopeful we will have some in-person events to share here, soon! In the meantime, we’re available by email or via our online shop.

Stack of packaged natural dyes in a range of colours
Our initial lineup of natural dyes on display at the market.

Shop online

Our packaged dyes are available in our online store along with some supporting materials such as mordants and pH-strips.
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Contact us directly

For wholesale and bulk price lists, specific stock counts, or to find out which dyes are happily growing in the field (fresh dye material is available for seasonal local pickup), please email us at vibrantacres@gmail.com.

If you’re searching for a specific dye or colour, we’d love to know!

Vibrant Acres Colour Farm
5211 Brooklyn Street
Grafton, Nova Scotia  B0P 1E0

Fence posts in the late afternoon sunlight
Fall arrives on the farm.